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CBSPD In-service Ideas

Program Announcements have moved to this page.

There are many sources of education that may be used for your Continuing Education contact hours required for re-certification but ALL educational program/in-services MUST be reviewed by the CBSPD CEU Committee. Some educational programs have been previously submitted to the CBSPD but it is your responsibility to assure that any program you attend has approval numbers and contact hours from the CBSPD. All programs/in-services that are used for re-certification must fall into one of the exam content categories as outlined in the Continuing Education Protocol (see the CEU Approval page).

There are pre-approved in-services in some printed publications and on some websites (can be used for five years from the original publication date) and will have a statement regarding the status of CBSPD approval. Places to find these inservices include:

  • Selected In-services in Infection Control Today Magazine.
  • NICHSPDP/CBSPD Newsletters (download back issues from our downloads page.)
  • ASHCSP Newsletters
  • ALL e-CSPD.com on-line In-services
  • Selected In-services on iceinstitute.com
  • Selected In-services in Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN)
  • Selected In-services in Managing Infection Control Magazine
  • North Carolina Central Service Association Newsletter
    • I heard it through the Steamline

See our Web Links page for some of these sources!

There are multiple websites that may have educational material. Be sure that the CBSPD has reviewed any of the website material before assuming it can be used for re-certification. If approved, the instructions on how to use or obtain approval codes are to be published with the material. Follow those directions.

Printed inservices from other sources should have a post test included and must be submitted to the CBSPD for review.

Reading an article in a magazine does not constitute an inservice since there is no way to verify the process such as a sign in or attendance sheet from a program or departmental inservice or a post test from self study inservices.

Developing and presenting a departmental inservice for your coworkers based on the material read in an article or a series of articles can be submitted for CEU review.

Many manufacturer's have submitted programs, in-services and video's for review and have had approvals given. Check with your local sales representatives for a list of their approved programs. They should be able to provide you with a certificate of attendance, an approval code number and contact hours. If they can not provide this, the program must be submitted by you or the manufacturer to the CBSPD.

Some of the manufacturer's/Companies that have submitted programs and received approvals are:
3M Healthcare; Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP); Case Medical; Ecolab; Getinge/Castle; Healthmark Industries; Health Stream/Education Design; Honeywell; Howmedica/Osteonics; Jarit Instruments; Kimberly Clark; Materials Management Microsystems; MediTech; Medcom, Inc.; Richard Wolf Medical; Sklar Instruments; Specialty Medical Systems; Spectrum Surgical; SPS Medical Products; Steril Med., Inc.; Steris Corporation; Synthes; Total Repair Express (TRE); Total Scope, Inc.

Local and National Central Service Organizations, APIC and AORN provide many CBSPD approved programs. When deciding whether to attend a program that does not state it has CBSPD approval, ask the sponsoring agency if they have submitted an approval application for review. If they have not, you may submit the application on your own, following the steps listed below.

An application for review of an educational program or in-service must be completed for each program/in-service being submitted. This can be submitted on-line on our CEU Approval page or printed from our Downloads Page. Continuing Education contact hours are awarded based on the following:

  • Subject material of the program/in-service as it relates to the exam content outline
  • Educational objectives of the program/in-service
  • Actual educational time based on a 60 (sixty) minute hour

When completing the application, remember to complete the entire application especially:

  • Program/In-service Title
  • Program/In-service date
  • Program/In-service objectives
  • Length of time being requested
  • Name and address of the person that approval information is to be sent to

You may attach a copy of the program that outlines the topics, objectives and time frames, but the application must be completed. Allow 6-8 weeks for a response from the CEU Committee.

To send in your program for CEU Approval on-line, click here.